Property Valuation:

Property insurance values are a critical part of all successful risk management programs. Consider the benefits of a well-managed insurance valuation program:

  • Assure proper risk transfer terms and costs for exposure
  • More accurate loss estimates and risk modeling
  • Up-to-date Nat Cat accumulation including Wind, EQ, and Flood
  • Informed retention/ reinsurance analysis
  • Better estimates of risk improvement recommendations

Our services range from basic account valuation consultations to desktop valuations to full, on- site field appraisals. We offer our clients:

  • Valuation Profile: Using available property information, in house value benchmarks and customer consultations, we can provide input on credibility of reported property values.
  • “Desktop” Valuation Survey: Valuation reports are developed by working with customer Fixed Asset Records, property loss control reports, and in house valuation databases.

On-Site Field Appraisal Reports include:

  • Value Confirmation Study: A basic field survey focused on verifying reported real and personal property values. While not a certified appraisal, this cost effective valuation approach can provide a credible estimate of insurable value.
  • Grouped Asset Valuation Summary: A valuation survey where extensive asset details are not necessary. This streamlined report format provides abbreviated descriptions for individual buildings and yard improvements as well as personal property assets grouped by production area, department or other logical grouping.
  • Detailed Asset Report: Our most comprehensive appraisal report when asset itemization and detailed property descriptions are needed. This report includes detailed construction descriptions for all structures and yard improvements. Personal property assets over a predetermined value are itemized. Small items are included as groupings.

Consulting Services: To assist in developing effective value guidelines, action plans and training resources.

You know and trust GRC for unbundled property loss control services. Now our property valuation services can help you develop and maintain accurate insurable values for your property program.