Loss Investigations:

The key ingredients necessary to be able to assist in the determination of “cause and origin” and be able to understand what happened and how to prevent future occurrences are: professional expertise, broad experience, and availability of specialty resources. GRC has all three.


GRC’s professional staff has grown significantly over the last ten years due to our intensive recruiting process, which incorporates in its protocol a methodology to source only the best and brightest personnel from a variety of areas, including insurers and the industry itself. A significant component of our recruiting system includes the methodology of sourcing Fire Engineers, Boiler & Machinery Engineers, Authorized Inspectors, and specialized Natural Hazard structural assessment engineers that have significant experience in investigating losses throughout their careers.

Our Boiler & Machinery and Fire staff includes system engineers with certified large loss investigation credentials and who are former members from loss investigation groups at various industrial companies. We also have staff in our Boiler & Machinery department who are well-versed in cause/origin determination and have the ability to conduct site-specific electrical training to help minimize electrical interruptions.

We have unparalleled experience in post-incident investigations for natural hazard events. Our engineers are continuously out in the field analyzing first-hand natural hazard loss events and assisting clients/others who suffered damage from the incident.


Incidents investigated include numerous tube failures, equipment failures (turbines, generators, dryers, shoe press rolls, roll covers, explosions, etc.), and fires of a wide variety and origin. We respond rapidly and provide an unbiased, third-party view of incidents to help clarify various issues.

Our engineers have significant experience evaluating damage and remediation from earthquakes and hurricanes worldwide. Remediation and reconstruction projects valued at over $250 million were managed for major industrial facilities, retail stores, offices, and warehouses.


Using the partnership in place with our subsidiary ARISE, we can quickly supplement our expertise with materials and audit experts domestically and overseas. Most prominent is our relationship with our parent company TÜV SÜD AG, a world leader in Consulting, Testing, Certification, and Training, with over 14,000 staff and 140 years of experience. In addition, our consultants work with firms such as Thielsh Engineering in the areas of loss investigation.

We would be pleased to expand on any of these issues, as necessary.