GRC Connect (database):

GRC Connect is a full-featured, easy-to-use information system that can be accessed from any internet connection. In addition to serving as an electronic “file cabinet” for all reports, diagrams, and project reviews, it provides access to documents and data downloads, as well as various summary and analysis reports for each of the services provided to your company.

Assessing and mitigating risk is an ongoing process for busy Risk Managers, who need continual, easy access to detailed loss prevention information. With the help of our clients, we have developed an automated data management system that is simple to use and understand. From a single source, you have access to the information you need to focus on the largest risk exposures and to manage your valuable data with ease.

GRC Connect organizes and correlates data to effectively and efficiently benchmark locations, evaluate trends, assemble marketing summaries, manage recommendations, and access documents from anywhere in the world.

Unique in the industry, GRC Connect provides access to all loss prevention information from a single, secure application, including Fire, Boiler & Machinery, Infrared, Jurisdictional and Natural Hazards. Using an assigned User ID and password, you can access important documents, such as current and archived reports, plan/project reviews, loss estimates, C.O.P.E. data, servicing/scheduling information, management reports and more. Multilevel access lets you control who can access specific information based on your company’s needs: corporate (all), division (as identified) and location (by user/by location).


  • Secure access to all Global Risk Consultants (GRC) services in a single application. Database connectivity is available online and easily accessed via the GRC website using a single login process
  • Multi-level access to services and facility information. Corporate users have access to all information, while Division and Facility level users have access only to divisional or site-specific data. You control the level of access based upon the user’s needs. Access can also be limited to documents (reports and diagrams) to facilitate information sharing with markets.

Location Level Access:

  • Links to latest documents
  • Loss prevention reports
  • Diagram (CAD or scanned PDF)
  • COPE and Facility Data Summaries
  • COPE, Recommendation, and Facility Rating Data
  • Recommendation responses/status
  • Document Library (archive)
  • Plan/Project Review history
  • Impairment history
  • Jurisdictional objects & violations
  • Thermographic findings/equipment

Account Management Level Access:

  • Inspection status information
  • Facility benchmarking/ comparison
  • Fire and B&M summary reports
  • Loss estimates reports
  • Recommendation analysis (categories, impact, LE’s, prioritization, and response status)
  • Impairment & project summaries/ details
  • Thermographic equipment listing
  • Full data extraction capability

Manipulating and managing data relating to loss prevention becomes easy and convenient through online tools

  • Facility rating comparison
  • Influence premium allocation
  • Focus attention where needed
  • Flexible weightings to match your focus
  • Share data/information only to the extent necessary
  • Single line COPE summary of each location
  • COPE Summary/Evaluation Reports for individual locations
  • Complete COPE, loss prevention, and underwriting reports

Profiling and analyzing recommendations can be done across your portfolio or site-specific

  • Uncover common issues/exposures
  • Analyze/compare recommendation types
  • Compare loss estimates
  • Monitor status
  • Full drill-down capability

You can manage and respond to recommendations directly through GRC Connect, using the Auto-Rec Response feature

  • Automatic “link” email follow-up and escalation to ensure update of recommendation status and intended action
  • Delinquent response report
  • Track facility/corporate comments and provide to next field engineer

Availability of Summary Reports for all GRC provided services

Boiler and Machinery:

  • Unique availability of detailed B&M data & evaluation.
  • Summary information provided in a consistent format to easily represent conditions and focus attention where needed

All Thermographic Survey reports are available depicting the equipment surveyed, the actual infrared image, along with the analysis of the recommendation and recommended action

Infrared Thermography:

  • Automated recommendation response for all GRC recommendations including Infrared findings
  • Full IR information loading allows multiple summary reports to categorize issues uncovered by category, severity, and impact

Individual Site Assessments for Natural Hazards

  • Specific reports for designated sites covering wind, seismic, and flood exposures

Natural Hazards Summary Reports

  • Helps identify trends and common issues to be addressed to mitigate loss exposures

Jurisdictional Boiler and Pressure Vessel inspection data can be viewed indicating service and status reports, object inventory, open violation summaries, and inspection history

  • Your information belongs to you and is accessible online

Auto Recommendation Tracking

  • Allows you to easily monitor and follow-up on recommendation responses
  • Reports available on site response activity
  • Automated follow-up and escalation