Fire Protection Engineering

Now, more than ever, organizations have a strong need to adeptly manage their exposure to fire and explosion risks, and for many reasons, such as:

  • Increased regulatory activity
  • Higher levels of public scrutiny
  • Greater demands for aggressive environmental liability management
  • Stricter insurance requirements
  • New technological advances for processing and warehousing

Global Risk Consultants (GRC) engineers have pioneered advances in fire protection by applying their in-depth expertise to develop new methods to address today’s escalating concerns. As an industry leader, we have successfully solved fire protection issues to ensure the health and welfare of our clients' businesses around the world, something we have done for decades.

Annually, thousands of inspections are performed on behalf of our clients. These inspections vary in content, depending on the unique risk management requirements of our clients. The depth of these inspections range from brief “walk-through” type property reviews, followed by a short summary report, to full “HPR”-style inspections in which all protective equipment is operationally tested, and detailed narrative-style reports are issued with COPE data and loss expectancy supplements.

GRC is dedicated to providing sound, cost-effective Fire Protection Engineering services to address today's newest challenges in fire and explosion property loss prevention coupled with increased competitive demands. Our many satisfied clients are delighted to share their firsthand experience with you.

GRC Fire Protection Engineering services include:

  • Extensive property, asset, and hazard evaluations
  • Standards development and database management
  • Engineering analyses and drawing reviews
  • Forensic engineering, loss investigations, and litigation support
  • Design support, bid package preparation, and acceptance testing
  • Fire and building code analyses
  • Evaluations of emergency preparedness and related procedures, along with training program development
  • Evaluation and management of exposures to fire and explosion risks
  • Benchmarking, trending, recommendation analysis, and collaboration through our data management system
  • Impairment monitoring, plan/project reviews, CAD diagrams, and loss investigations
  • Customized client training programs

Advantages of GRC Fire Protection Engineering:

  • Complete and formal support of your existing property loss prevention functions
  • Solutions specifically designed to meet your particular needs
  • Independent analysis and consideration of industry-accepted solutions
  • Develop action plans and cost-effective mitigation strategies
  • Universal underwriter acceptance of work product (LE’s, MFL’s, and COPE)
  • Implementation at the local site and corporate levels
  • Ability to integrate other services to mitigate and/or eliminate fire risk exposures
  • Employment of the latest, state-of-the-art engineering technology
  • Extensive global staff with knowledge of cultures, languages, and geography
  • Multilingual materials to support global human elements programs
  • Concentration of resources on key issues through formal identification, tracking, and trending of fire protection concerns
  • Innovative suggestions derived from applying an independent, third-party perspective to your fire protection challenges
  • Servicing consistency second to none