Boiler & Machinery Engineering

The unexpected loss of critical production equipment, utilities and electrical equipment can cripple any company’s productivity. This continues to be a major expense to insurance programs and/or is absorbed as an operating cost. In fact, major insurance providers have cited Boiler & Machinery (B&M) losses at two times that of fire property programs. Property damage, environmental harm, and long replacement time for key mechanical components can quickly put a company out of business. Therefore, an organization's continued success relies on programs established to ensure equipment reliability and prevent failure.

At Global Risk Consultants (GRC), we believe that the first step in building a sound B&M engineering program is to tailor the program to meet the needs of our client. GRC provides the appropriate tools to monitor exposures that can significantly reduce the potential for loss. Ultimately, the preventive programs put in place to minimize exposures are synergistic to an overall B&M loss prevention program.

GRC helps companies avert the potential for catastrophic equipment failures, while increasing operational efficiency. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment to provide effective services worldwide, we can reduce key machinery downtime and minimize equipment damage.

GRC Boiler & Machinery Engineering services include:

  • Risk and vulnerability analyses
  • Mechanical code compliance evaluations
  • Mechanical integrity programs to assist with O.S.H.A. process safety requirements
  • Pressure vessel inspection and repair assessments
  • Formal incident and accident investigations
  • Comprehensive audits of non-destructive testing efforts and development of related programs
  • Complete evaluations and development of preventive and predictive maintenance programs
  • Critical electrical equipment maintenance procedures
  • Critical spares and contingency plans
  • Welding certification programs
  • Recommendation tracking and trending with responses managed through our data management system
  • Analysis of facilities production, process operations, and utility systems

The benefits of GRC Boiler & Machinery Engineering services include:

  • Application of the latest, state-of-the-art engineering technology
  • Solutions formulated to fit your organization’s specific loss prevention goals and objectives
  • Development of action plans to control losses and avoid breakdowns
  • Capability to identify, track, and trend specific mechanical concerns, facilitating the concentration of resources on the most critical needs
  • Identification of bottlenecks and ways to improve operational efficiencies
  • Access to the knowledge and experience of licensed mechanical engineering professionals throughout the world
  • Preventive/predictive and critical electrical equipment maintenance programs
  • An unbiased perspective from independent, third-party consultants

GRC combines engineering and insurance knowledge with real-world experience to meet all of your mechanical loss prevention needs.