Why Unbundled?

Global Risk Consultants (GRC) initiated the concept of “unbundled” risk control programs as an alternative to traditional bundled programs. We recognized that a client could benefit from a long-standing partnership with a property loss control consultant. Such a dedicated resource would gain valuable knowledge over time about each company, its properties, and its loss prevention needs.

Traditional bundled risk control programs rely on insurance companies to evaluate risk and provide loss control. Many insurance companies provide excellent loss control services; yet, each time you change carriers you need to start the education process all over again.

As an independent, full-service risk control firm, we are your constant, committed advisor. By partnering with GRC, the knowledge base builds year after year, so even if you change insurance carriers, you continue to receive the most accurate, detailed risk analysis possible. Focused on managing your risks to reduce loss, we help you make sound business decisions.

After conducting a thorough site analysis, GRC will provide you with comprehensive reports, operation certificates, and related documents, tailored to your particular needs. As a matter of fact, a growing number of our clients finalize their annual loss control program well before their insurance renewal. Armed with the necessary tools, you can now shop for the most appropriate insurance coverage.Download Benefits of Going Unbundled